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Wednesday, 17 July 2024
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FPL Overview (Version: 1.11)

 Today's Performance

forum proxy leecher     

Leeched proxies


Unique proxies


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Value of the proxies

$84.52 (?)
Test Date 2024-07-16
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Forum Proxy Leecher (FPL) is an intelligent proxy leecher that can extract proxies from various proxy sites and proxy forums even if the proxies are in the attachment.

FPL proxy tester module (Bleach) is specially designed for huge list. It can extract the unique proxies from a huge file and rapidly classify them into 3 levels according to their anonymity.
Download Forum Proxy Leecher

Moreover, it's nice that we maintain the leech list and proxyjudge list for you. We ensure that it's an easy and amusing work for you to find proxies.

Forum Proxy Leecher Video Tutorial:

News: The editors have called FPL the most promising in its class. Read their review here.

 Principle of Work

We all know that the proxy forums are the best places to gain fresh proxies. But it often takes too much time (more than 50 minutes for 10 forums) to read the new topics and download the attachments.

Now FPL does all the dirty work for you. It can automatically extract all the fresh proxies for you and test them.

FPL is fast, stable and easy to use. Please refer to our leech list statistics to know more about its capability. You will enjoy making fresh proxy list by yourself every day with the help of FPL.

 Suitable Users

Proxy is usually the fuel of other powerful softwares such as some SEO tools and load test tools. FPL can feed these softwares well.

Some websites may need to block proxy users considering the security problem. FPL is a useful helper for these website to build its own public proxy list database.

Altogether, you will need FPL if you often need a great amount of fresh proxies. If you buy proxies from other people, you should try FPL, and perhaps you will eventually be a proxy list seller.

 Success Stories

1) Forum Proxy Leecher powers My-Proxy daily fresh proxy lists.
2) In My-Proxy Forum, many FPL users share their classified proxy lists with others every day.

 Main Features

* Quickly get fresh proxies when you need
* Support different types of forums
* Support scanning attachments
* Support non-forum proxy sites
* FPL team maintains the leech list for you
* Powerful proxy tester especially for huge list
* Nice user interface and easy to use
Download Forum Proxy Leecher

 Important Links

Video tutorial for FPL beginners
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Please stop using CGI proxyjudges
FPL online help document (screen shots)
FPL leech list statistics report

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