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Monday, 24 June 2024
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FPL Leech List

Leech list is the most important factor for proxy leecher to gain fresh proxies. So we provide a default leech list and a custom list example here for our FPL users.

Please enter our Site Report & Discussion area to get more proxy sites for FPL. If you know a good proxy site, please share it with us at our forum.

List Statistics (Proxy Websites)

We check the default leech list regularly. Here is our latest Proxy Leech List Statistics:

All the links in the report are from the default list. All the proxies are leeched and tested by FPL. Anonymous proxy numbers gained from the leech link orders the rank of the leech links in the report. It's obvious from the report that proxy forums are the best places to get fresh proxies.

Default Leech List

Default list contains excellent leech links that we provide for FPL users. FPL support team will maintain the default list for you. You can get the latest version of the list at:

Custom Leech List

Custom list is new in FPL 1.04. Users can easily add their links into it. We provide a example list at:

The users, not the FPL support team, should maintain that custom list. However we will move the links from custom list to the default list if they are proved to be productive.

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